Saturday, December 11, 2010


the Holiday sale is ON over at BOPZINK...
these prices are insane for some seriously dope t's. great gift ideas or just to stock up for the coming spring, which aint so far off now, tho it probably feels closer to here in Barcelona than it does for most of you cats.

anyways, go jump all over this one...the T above is on sale for just 10 bucks! seriously, tell me something better that you could buy for 10 bucks????

you know it makes sense!
these t's will not be around at this price forever, so go do it!
(yeah, i know I am pushing this HARD, but these guys are mates of mine, they have just gotten this business off the ground and are looking to do a new run of T's soon, so get out there and show some love...PLUS, you cannot deny the T's are super fly! 10 bucks peeps! you couldn't buy a pint of guiness on Las Ramblas for that!)

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