Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Here are some images from work that I made back in 1999.
4 of them were used in a two person show at a tiny space called Dogmatic down in Chicago's South Side. a few months later I had a solo show, also in Chicago at a place called Beacon Street Gallery, which I called FAT CAPS...all six of these featured there.
They measure 4ftx4ft (122cm) and are oil on canvas.
I had been working mainly on installation work previous to this and I think the curators who had asked me to show at Dogmatic were shocked when I turned up with paintings.
4 of them went to private collections and I kept 2 of them for myself...I still have them both, though just in storage in the UK at the moment. I need to dig them out soon.
This was the last work I made in Chicago.

Happy days...I miss that city sometimes...and definitely the people.
I need to get back there soon.



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