Monday, June 14, 2010

Elephant Parade update....

The elephant parade in London seems to be going really well so far. It is getting a lot of press and the feedback on all the elephants has been really positive.
The bidding process has started online already and they will be auctioned off finally by Sotherbys on July 3rd.
so far, 'In Your Trunk' has had a bid of 2,350 UKL, which is a really good amount towards an excellent cause, and hopefully will get more bids on the big day.

Obviously this is a chunk of cash that your man in the street could generally not justify spending on a sculpture of an elephant that they probably do not have enough space for the good news is that there are other ways to contribute.
a book, poster, smaller versions of the elephants and now you can buy T shirts too.
If you wanna pick up an 'In Your Trunk (turn the bass up)' T, click on the appropriate link below:




would be cool to see someone rockin' a dope T while supporting a good cause.

One love,

(UPDATE: 'In Your Trunk' sold for a final amount of £10,000, with the London Elephant Parade raising over £4 MILLION to help save the Indian Elephant!!! Amazing, and glad to have been a part of it.)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

BRANDNUTOPIA- Ashwan and CalendarGirl

came across this cut again today. it is something I worked on with CalendarGirl a while back for a project that never came off...disappointing as I liked the tune. CalendarGirl is a really interesting artist and has a great voice. check out her opensource project where she recorded a new song every month for one year for artists to remix however they liked by clicking HERE. at the end of the year she produced a cd of her favourite mixes.
It was a great idea and a good I think she should have gotten more props for, but this is life with art these days!

anyways, hope you enjoy the cut.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


homie Ramsey Judson, from Chitown rockin things on this new video.
Ramsey always sets the bar high for people around him to try and keep up. kid got skills in every department: sings, raps and produces.
in fact, check out his album from a coupla years back called 'A Day In The Life Of...'
He did EVERYTHING on it and it is DOPE.
you can pick it up at CD BABY here.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


so if you been peeping any of these posts, you'll know I have painted some boards recently. I been chatting with my man Ollie Kingston about working with one of them to funk up my web page. I feel like it's a bit dry and doesn't fully represent the energy and flavour of the paintings, so wanted to introduce a bit more dynamic.
we were talkin about poppin some tricks on one of the boards, just really quick as an intro to the web page. this little video was our first attempt at the idea. this is a version that could never be used as it is way too long, and doesn't really feature the board so well, but I kinda like it anyways.
Filmed at Barcelona's Arc De Triomf...beautiful day in a beautiful city. full of pick pockets tho, so watch yo sh1t!