Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Parisian battle of the Post-It's

This is GREAT. I spotted this in The Guardian today, who got their images from

Paris is in the midst of a Post It note battle! Not got a lot to say about it except that I think it has a little bit of the infectiousness of early NY graffiti. People seeing it and wanting to try their own versions, BUT I also think it's interesting that the medium AND the subject matter really reflect our times in a very interesting way. It is all very quick and disposable and the images used do not carry any great meaning, other than the fundamental act of creating them in the first place...which carries tonnes of meaning!
I also think it is funny that a lot of these are made while people are working and I think it genuinely reflects the nature of a lot of mundane jobs today. People cannot focus on them for any length of time as they seem so trivial and do not carry any voice of the people doing them, therefore you get a lot of coffee machine banter and this type of mischief where some kind of self as a social animal can come out. That's not a criticism I think it's great. I love these and now I feel like going and buying a bunch of post-it notes.
Other thing to state is: How creative are these Parisians!?! Props to that. What a great city.

Maybe I'll do a Post It note version of one of my paintings...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Cypher pt.i

Circles have been featuring in my studio recently. Not sure how far they are going, but I needed to try a few. Even with my square canvases I am always rotating them while I am painting. I guess something inside me feels like a record is inside each of the squares, like they're big sleeves or something.
So here is one I rolled out (literally)the other day.
Called The Cypher pt.i it is Acrylic and mixed media on canvas and measures 96cm in diameter x 10cm thick.
I didn't use any text on this as it is more of an instrumental idea. I wanted to capture some of the feel of the tunes we'd b-boy to back in the 80's, that futuristic cosmo-funk. NUNK, NUNK AIN'T NO PUNK, EVERBODY ROCK TO THE NEW WAVE FUNK.

Hopefully listening to those should give you an idea of where I was going with this one.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

RIP Kase 2

I just heard on Twitter that Kase2/Case2 has passed away. All old skool heads will remember him from the Style Wars documentary runnin his mouth at the writers bench and droppin lines from The Message. The crazy cat with just one arm, who somehow managed to produce beautiful art while hanging on the side of a subway car in the middle of the night.
RIP Kase inspiration.