Monday, April 19, 2010

stations of the elevated

met a dude in Germany last year, Daniel Tagno, he put me on to this old graff video from the early eighties...
it has been re-posted as part of a fab five freddy interview from the guys at wooster collective.
figured it was worth a re-post here:


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Toys Crew

I've always been a fan of the flying eyeball and I really liked this one...nice green/yellow fade.


Friday, April 2, 2010


ok, so I finally felt some excitement again by a new music show. it has been thrown together by some of London's biggest Hip Hop names including my amigo DJ MK (pictured above, hi rolling with Jay Z). it is just out of his kitchen with two turntables, a mic and a video camera. it is the closest thing to pirate radio that I have felt in a LONG TIME!
it has a real nice energy to it and nothin but DOPE music. it's really relaxed, full of f*ck ups, like the mixer bustin up halfway through a show. it's how it should be, low budget, quality, made by people who do what they do because they love it.
FINALLY some culture back in the mass media realm.

check it out here.
or here:


at the moment, a whole heap of things keep coming up and pointing me in the direction of mosaic work. I am gonna get working on some things as soon as I can source some decent materials.
I figured I'd have a quick look online and see what was out there in terms of this kind of work and I came across these awesome animal skulls by Crystal Thomas.
Everyone knows about Damian Hirst's diamond skull, but I am feeling these way more. this one especially has a bit of funk to it...mad props for that.

go peep her web site for more info:

be easy...ashwan