Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inheritance Wax Mix Tape...OUT NOW

Inheritance Wax started a few years ago, when Ashwan was working part time with the elderly in Liverpool, UK. As they passed on, families would come and clear their homes of all belongings which inevitably meant whole record collections being thrown out each time.
Being a dj and producer, as well as nostalgic for the days when you could walk into some ones place, glance at the record collection and book shelf and get a sense of what that person is about, Ashwan salvaged the records and set about making new record covers and sampling and remixing the original vinyl to create new art from the old.
The project is heavily hip hop influenced but instead of hours of crate digging, the sample base has come from this limited palate, with the hope that a different and unique sound will entail that also somehow pays tribute to the artists Liverpool roots.
The music is free to download, while the original vinyl covers will be sealed in air tight bubbles for preservation, turning the discarded object back into one of value and meaning.  These will be exhibited together with the music over the coming months in the UK and across Europe. Please check for up to date information on these.
You can download the mixtape here (it fits on one side of a C90):


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


(photo by Ivana Flores)
good to get out and about with your art every now and then...this was from the Walking Gallery in February.
wanted to spend some time with this piece as I love it and it is on its way to a charity auction.
Hopefully it will raise some cash and awareness for Kids In Danger.
(photo by Damian El Termita)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

more random barcelona graffiti

more random barcelona street pieces...if you know any of the writers names, please feel free to credit them in the comments below.
the top image is 'astro' and the last image of the abstracted face is by an Irish guy called Fis. 
One of the tightest writers in terms of style is a girl who works with Montana, but I cannot remember her name right now!!! haha...sorry! anyways, she did the green letters about 6 down from the top. old skool NYC style, reminds me of something by Skeme or Tkid from back in the day.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Felipe Smith....BIG in japan

with all the craziness in Japan yesterday, my thoughts have been with the people there. I have some really good friends there and one of them is this guy: Felipe Smith.
Proud to know this dude. seriously hard working and serious skills.

Love to all my people in Japan...Hoping everyone is safe and well.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dukes Oak Gallery, Sandbach, Cheshire UK

One of the galleries I deal with has recently branched out into furniture and interiors. They have put up a show with my work and some funky bits and bobs. check it out and see what you think.

The space is in the middle of NOWHERE. It is called Dukes Oak Gallery and you can find it HERE:

the street address is:
Holmes Chapel Rd, Brereton, Sandbach, Cheshire East CW11 1SD

the owner is super cool and has become a good friend since my first show with her other space a few years ago. 
Go pay a visit and pick up some super trendy furniture, a supafly painting and even a sculpture of a duck if you're interested!!! (still not sure about the red light though!)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ashwan - (

Ashwan - (

Walking Gallery in Barcelona this Sunday. meeting up outside Cafe Zurich in Placa Catalunya...around 12.00.

I'm going to be presenting A version of my new Inheritance Wax mixtape along with some of the 'remixed' record covers.
this is the first official outing for this project...not the final thing, but an opportunity for me to see how I feel about some of the decisions I have made so far.

I've put a 'twist' on the record covers and had them sealed inside plastic 'bubbles'. means if you want to listen to the original samples you need to bust open the artwork. I like that dilemma.

anyways, come on down, listen to and look at where I am up to with this project...been a 2 year labour of love so far.
don't forget you can listen to some promo clips HERE and see more of the vinyl covers HERE.