Sunday, June 13, 2010

BRANDNUTOPIA- Ashwan and CalendarGirl

came across this cut again today. it is something I worked on with CalendarGirl a while back for a project that never came off...disappointing as I liked the tune. CalendarGirl is a really interesting artist and has a great voice. check out her opensource project where she recorded a new song every month for one year for artists to remix however they liked by clicking HERE. at the end of the year she produced a cd of her favourite mixes.
It was a great idea and a good I think she should have gotten more props for, but this is life with art these days!

anyways, hope you enjoy the cut.


  1. DAMN! I forgot about this cut. Glad you resurrected it.

  2. Yo! I forgot about the cuts!!! This tune is HOT! send me a hi-res copy pls.