Tuesday, June 8, 2010


so if you been peeping any of these posts, you'll know I have painted some boards recently. I been chatting with my man Ollie Kingston about working with one of them to funk up my web page. I feel like it's a bit dry and doesn't fully represent the energy and flavour of the paintings, so wanted to introduce a bit more dynamic.
we were talkin about poppin some tricks on one of the boards, just really quick as an intro to the web page. this little video was our first attempt at the idea. this is a version that could never be used as it is way too long, and doesn't really feature the board so well, but I kinda like it anyways.
Filmed at Barcelona's Arc De Triomf...beautiful day in a beautiful city. full of pick pockets tho, so watch yo sh1t!

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  1. Wow! You are like Ed Templeton but in reverse! Like the decks, hot ish indeed. Check out my pix from Finsbury Park on MKs blog. 40,000 rock heads jamming to Roots Manuva on Saturday - siick!