Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wu tang v's the beatles

I think THIS is really interesting, and more importantly, really well done. it is a mash-up of beatles tunes and wu tang accapellas. I have not listened to it all, just a quick scan, but it sounds DOPE! on the negative side, the title is a bit misleading. the beatles do not personally feature as much as i would have liked to hear here...i mean beatles cover versions have long been used in classic hip hop... a version of 'a day in the life' by les demerle was used as the loop in OC's classic 'Times Up' *post above! if i need to start digging I am sure i can come up with quite a few others. the Beatles BLEW THE F*CK UP in the late sixties, so by the mid 70's a serious amount of albums had some kind of reference/cover on them. inevitably they all brought something fresh to the table...which is cool that dude is using them here...BUT actually the TRUE artists involved are not getting their full credit and due here.
seriously I have listened to this album for a total of about 90 seconds so far. not enough to give it a critical beatdown. it doesn't do exactly what it says on the tin, but it is dope.
download it here:
WU TANG v's BEATLES mixtape

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