Wednesday, December 23, 2009

childrens story

When I was in Liverpool recently I bounced into ZAP GRAFFITI to see my man Kieran who runs the place. Kieran is one of those unsung heroes of hip hop. he's been writing for a while and is passionate for what he does aswell as spreading the word, educating both kids who buzz off graffiti's energy and adults who fear it and youth culture in general. I will do a post about that place and the workshops they run at another point.
while I was there though, I spotted this book called 'There's an Octopus Under My Bed' by mid west graff writer 'Scribe'. I picked a copy up and all I can say is that this book could well become a kids classic. Seriously, if you have young kids, or are looking for a gift, go out and pick this up. you can get it here.

It's a fun tale, well written, with great illustrations by Scribe and in the background, the artwork on the walls is by a whole host of different writers that scribe knows. This book takes you into a whole other fantasy world...a lot of fun.

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