Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Barcelona graffiti store-Montana

Living in Barcelona we have the benefit of a dope store called Montana. Montana is a paint company that was founded in the early 90's by a couple of writers living just outside the city who realised (as many of us did) that in Europe you could not get certain colours of car paint and that the 'art paints' like buntlak were super expensive/difficult to get hold of/did not mix with the rest of your colours. They came up with spray paint designed specifically for graff writers. They are super business savvy guys and so have turned this thing multinational...and props to them for that. it is great paint, is easy to control and sticks to freakin EVERYTHING!

sometimes though, the commercialisation of the culture makes you cringe. today i was in their store picking up some colours and I saw these things...MUTE devices for you paint cans!
I saw Lady Pink talking about how she found bombing in europe to be like a military operation. guys super organised, shaking all the paint before leaving etc. I am sure she would love this...she'd be laughing her ass off! a silencer, so that your balls don't rattle!
I wonder how many you would lose in a nights painting...no idea how much these things cost.


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