Sunday, January 2, 2011

BRANDNUTOPIA- Ashwan and CalendarGirl

here is a cut from a few years back. a collab effort between Ashwan and Calendargirl called BRANDNUTOPIA. it is a kicked back 'bristol style' trip hop effort. Additional dj cuts are provided by CURIOUS.
this tune never saw the light of day unfortunately, as the project it was due to come out on got scrapped at the last this is an underground trip hop gem. feel free to share it with your peeps, but please spread the word about all the artists involved.
Calendargirl currently has a new project called KARLA,  and a new single has just hit the stores from her. you can pick it up HERE.  go and show love by spending a few cents to download.
Curious is the multi talented emcee, poet and deejay that I have worked with many times since the last millennium! sounds like a long time when you put it like that...and it is!
His main thing right now is spitting wisdom at spoken word events such as WORDAMOUTH. keep an eye on his blog for more info.

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