Saturday, November 28, 2009

ok go!

OK Go - WTF? from OK Go on Vimeo.


OK GO are the cats from the crazy treadmill video. got to admit I am not a big fan of their music, doesn't move me, BUT they have some seriously creative ideas or a great team behind them and probably both.
this latest video for WTF? is incredible. a simple idea but put to a really creative effect. they are just having fun here, painting away, splashing colour everywhere. it is truly beautiful.
I sometimes wish i could keep each stage of my work as I am painting away and of course I have played with the idea of documenting it regularly to create little animations of the creative process, but it never feels like anything new or exciting, so it has never gone any further. with this you get a sense of the urgency, it feels like live action painting.

this is almost the opposite of the David Dallas video I posted recently, which has added elements and effects where they are not needed. it looks really simple and straightforward, but you can also tell that some choices are made throughout it which do not follow the true path of the technology which help keep the visual effect simple. I am sure the process for this was very other words, the areas where it looks like less is happening are the areas that will have taken the most time and painstaking effort.
in short, this is a moving, evolving digital canvas of a very high quality. the guys who made this video could turn out some seriously beautiful abstract paintings if they wanted to. they make great choices.
i wish i was a passionate about the music in this piece, i could watch it all day...

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