Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cheshire Life Article, June 2011

Spotted this recently in a journal from the UK.
Often when paintings go out into the world, I have no idea where they end up or who bought them. For me this is a really important part of the process and I never have any fear or regret about letting pieces go; it is a part of their life-cycle. It is good to see one of the pieces I regard as personal favourite end up in a good home.
Also got a few good lines on the following page. Check them out below:

Purple Pond, 5ftx5ft. Oil on canvas

I believe this collector also picked up these pieces.

Super Duper Star, 2ftx2ft. Oil and mixed media on canvas

Busiest Rhymes, 8ftx3.5ft. oil and mixed on canvas


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  1. Collector, schmollector; that's YOUR flat in Barcelona init?