Wednesday, April 20, 2011

goin way back...and forward!

DJ Form from Pseudo Slang (Fat Beats) had a link to this on his FB page recently. It is a tune I had never heard before and is FUNKY AS KCUFFFF!!!!

Form is knee deep in beats and one of the reasons Pseudo Slang make such funky ass music. Keep and eye out for them as it is likely they will be in a town near you very soon.
(note to promoters, they are available for bookings info below.)
So far they have gigs lined up with legends like Masta Ace, Marco Polo, Rah Digga and many more.

You can hear the knowledge and crate diggin experience clearly in their tunes.
Pseudo Slang- Slang
and a bit about Pseudo Slang:
Notables & Press:

“When I first heard Pseudo Slang ‘Yes Doubt’ I was floored, and it became my #1 Song of 2008. I’ve been doing radio for 18 years but few songs ever gave me chills, ‘Yes Doubt’ was one of them. I can’t wait for the album.”
- Dj 3rd Rail Chicago DJ and Radio Legend, 89.3FM WNUR, DJ3RDRAIL.COM

“Fat Beats have signed a great act here and we hope to hear more of their output if the standard of production and rhymes are like these.”
- Fat City Records

“Pseudo Slang is the thinking fan’s kind of hip-hop”
- Chicago Sun Times

Pseudo Slang “We’ll Keep Looking” features Vinia Mojica (A Tribe Called Quest, Black Star, De La Soul), Grap Luva (INI, Pete Rock & CL Smooth), A.L. Third and more.

Pseudo Slang “We’ll Keep Looking” - - Mos Def “The Ecstatic” - - MF Doom “Born Like This”
Summer 2009 seems to be a good time for hip hop music.

- - Pseudo Slang’s “We’ll Keep Looking” was just released worldwide June 16th, 2009 by Fat Beats Records in the US and abroad, and is being marketed by Audible Treats as well as heavy print and web advertising campaigns.
- - An exclusive Japanese version of “We’ll Keep Looking” was released in April 2009 and a forthcoming Spring 2010 Japanese tour is in the works.
- - We’ll Keep Looking features Vinia Mojica (of A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and Black Star fame) and Grap Luva (INI, Pete Rock & CL Smooth).
- - During the past three years Pseudo Slang has completed three 30+ city US Tours, two Canadian Tours, and toured Europe leading up to the release of “We’ll Keep Looking.”
- - 12” Vinyl single “Broke & Copascetic” sold over 2500 units worldwide.

Brief Bio:

Pseudo Slang is Emcee Sick and touring compadre Dj Form as well as Tone Atlas, DJ Cutler, Gangsta D and contributing members DJ Tommee, Daringer, Mysterious L, A.L. Third + more. Based in Buffalo and Chicago Pseudo Slang have been closely followed for almost a decade garnering international praise for creating a fresh sound that steps outside of contemporary rap’s confines. PS released their debut “Catalogue” October 2004 under the umbrella of Baby Steps Hip Hop which was then operating as a record label. The Catalogue was compilation of tracks recorded between 1999-2004, and due to the excitement it generated the group subsequently signed with Brooklyn-based indie-major Fat Beats Records in August 2005. Fat Beats then released Pseudo Slang “Broke & Copascetic” (12” Vinyl single) which sold over 2500 units worldwide, and then to hold fans over the Slangers released “Thank God It’s Not Another Mixtape” (2006, EP on CD) which has created yet more buzz. Pseudo Slang have completed four 30+ City US Tours, and toured Canada and Europe. The new album “We’ll Keep Looking” is essentially a debut release for Pseudo Slang on the international heavyweight status which Fat Beats commands, and the buzz is already pinning the meters around the globe. An exclusive version of the album also was released in Japan in April 2009.

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