Sunday, October 10, 2010


<a href="">inheritance wax by ashwan</a>

(if the player above doesn't load properly, please click the link HERE)

this is one of the remixes/mashups that will be on the upcoming Inheritance Wax mixtape. it is the classic Crooklyn Dodgers accapella over a pretty awful cut by a group called 'The Springfields'. I am forcing myself to pull the samples from a record collection I 'inherited' from an old folks home in Liverpool.
you can hear the original sample around the 2.30 mark on this youtube playlist of their stuff.

The final mixtape will pull a bunch of the remixes together and I will also be working on visual elements to go with it...part of this is the re-packaging of the vinyl themselves. I want to try and put some kind of attention back on the physical presence of music that we have lost since everything has gone the way of the mp3 player. more on this later.
until then...

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  1. Nice work the cover art for this on your bandcamp page...