Saturday, August 21, 2010

iphone dopeness


Os Gemenos




MAYNE, I hate to admit it, but I love my iphone. it keeps giving me new things to amuse and inform me.
I just picked up this app for it called 'All City'. This is not the same 'All City' that used to be a dope hip hop store in Uptown Chicago (nod to Trust Love), but is an app that let's you upload photo's of graff that you spot, THEN, (check this) it also locates where the graff is with links to google maps to spot the exact location.
it even has an ASHWAN stencil on there.
you can search by artist, or by most recent uploads OR you can click on the 'find nearest' button and it will search any graff in your local area.

you can peep a bit more about it HERE, but in reality, you need to use this thing to see how sweet it is.

you got an iphone? go get this app, for sure.


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  1. You should invoice Apple for that comment! Sounds sick. Nice stencil, not seen that before. Good to see you a new dad still using his camera for pics of graffiti > Shout to Thing1 and Thing2 < peaCe