Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This is not the type of post I would normally roll with, but it is an acknowledgement to a group of people who have really helped me out over the last four months or so.
I have really been struggling with an injury to my lower back and been in a lot of pain. It has interfered with my normal day to day life and stopped me from playing football, which is a passion, and most other training.
The guys at Global Chiropractic have straightened me out, literally! It has taken a while and Garry Carless, the main man there, explained that I would need patience. They were not treating symptoms, they were treating the cause of the pain.
so this post basically is a testimonial to Garry and his team at Global.
If you are in the Barcelona area and having any issues, I can highly recommend these guys...I am feeling like my old (read young) self again.
Thanks Gaz!
Pau Claris, 190 Pal 1ª
Tel: 93 215 89 07
E-mail: barcelona@globalchiropractic.es


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